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Yoga. Food. Family. The Farm: a retreat experience like no other

Annual Horse Shoe Farm Yoga Retreat; Hendersonville, North Carolina 2021 & 2022

Yoga Retreat Travel Blog #4

Since May 2021 - what was supposed to begin in June 2020- i have been blessed, nurtured and inspired by the magnificence of The Horse Shoe Farm and the men and women (and sometimes their babies and dogs), who have found their way with me to what is now our Annual Spring Yoga Retreat in Hendersonville. It has grown from 3 to 4 nights (and i wouldn't be surprised if guests keep requesting more days!) and always books up early. Many of my guests reserve year after year- and I'll tell you why...

Deep Listening

Life moving too fast to feel easeful; body changes hard to relate to with compassion; shifts- good and bad- in our families and community; head space feels too full and so cloudy. This is when we turn to DEEP LISTENING. Connecting to our Somatastates and allowing free expression of all our feels- no judgement. The Farm has a magic to it that supports this way of showing up! Showing up to ourselves, families, friends, community with love and joy. It's truly wonderful. ~Beth


The Farm

The best way to describe The Horse Shoe Farm: Unpretentious Luxury against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It has space (in every direction) to expand; the vibe is warm, stylish and well appointed to deeply nest. The feel of Safety- being supported by Earth, Sky, Mountain, River, Flora and all the creatures that share it with us makes it just right for the work we do here. And the keepers of HSF are considerate, authentic and welcoming making it easy to build community here quickly.

Like most Retreat venues i choose, there is story and interesting history to the place. It has character and you can feel the love of and from the venue. It has tone. The Farm found me in 2019 and when we turned into the long winding drive up the hill, I actually stopped the car and got out to take a deep breath. Spectacular! I was given a tour by Jordan - toddler on his hip until his wife returned- and I knew this was the place.

The Horse Shoe Farm was home to my first retreat and we've returned every year ever since.

I typically choose 3 homes on the 82-acre property. We have our favorites! All of them are comfortable and incredibly beautiful with their own personality and decor. I keep us close proximity to the Silo Cookhouse and to the Sanctuary where most of our practice is held. We all begin to feel like neighbors- walking with coffee early in the morning after a run through the "neighborhood," or after a stroll along the meadow fences to meet for class; meandering back home after an afternoon massage at the Stable Spa; meeting post supper by the large stone bonfire with marsh mellows and wine. It truly is remarkable and special- a real magic that you feel in every corner of the property.

The Meals

The Chefs at the Silo Cookhouse are phenomenal! Lettuces from the garden, eggs from the hen house, local meats and cheeses prepared with trained hands to curate truly unforgettable meals! I have option to not use the cookhouse- but it has become one of the highlights of the retreats! When can you enjoy a 5-star meal with friends in your choice of yoga pants or dress around a long table with an incredible mountain view--you do! Passed appetizers at 7- cocktails or wine if you choose- seated dinner at 730. It's perfect ambience is matched only by the food and staff!

Excursions & Wanderings

With 85-acres, horses, chickens, goats, geese, the Farm dog- Jagger- wildflowers, pond, pasture trails, French Broad River and so much more it's easy to get-back-to-Nature and to Self.

For this 4 night / 4-day trip, I always plan one group excursion- whether it is hiking with guide and naturalist, Todd Roy through a perfectly chosen mountain trail or a canoe and kayak trip on the river. Always a highlight of the retreat!

Ample space in the schedule to make Spa appointments or get in the car and go off the Farm into the several wonderful towns in the area. Breweries, wineries, markets and craft fairs, scenic drives and waterfall hikes all abound here. One of my favorite stops every year is to Looking Glass Creamery! Enjoy a cheese plate and fresh cider for a midday snack and all is right in the World!

We practice every morning before breakfast and once again before supper- sometimes on the grass for meditation or at the stop of a mountain hike. Our community circles are my MOST beloved part of every retreat and the ones here at HSF stand out and stay close.

Until next year, I'll be dreaming of our return!


My guests say it best:

"The pure magic of the Horse Shoe Farm coupled with Beth's ability to plan and pace so well for the group - and her gift as a Yoga instructor!- creates a meaningful experience to remember and one I'll come back to year after year. Worth every penny!"

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