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Live Pain Free

The way we use our bodies can cause chronic pain, joint degeneration, muscle tension and recurring injuries. It's all because of our nervous system, which tells us how to move and hold our bodies. The more we repeat a certain posture or movement, the more our body gets used to it. And sometimes, we learn patterns that can actually damage our bodies, like sitting hunched over at a computer or the steering wheel, repetitive athletic movements, carrying our children, our gym bag. We experience injury: a fall, car accident, tweaks and strains, and emotional trauma that stays stored in the body. That's where Clinical Somatics comes in! It teaches our nervous system how to release chronic muscle tension and to relearn how to move in natural, efficient ways, so we can avoid pain and injury; so we can let go. Beth is Level 1 Clinical Somatic Exercise certified from Somatic Movement Center and currently working on her Level 2 certification.

Certified Somatic teacher
Somatic Yoga outdoors

What is CSE?

Clinical Somatic Exercise (CSE), founded by Thomas Hanna in the 1970's, is slow, gentle and therapeutic. It is a series of exercises, a neuromuscular re-education technique called pandiculation, that teaches you - your nervous system, (which determines your posture / movement habit) how to release, relax and balance your muscles.

Clinical Somatics Exercise is a comprehensive approach to pain treatment that addresses the root cause of the problem by working with full-body patterns of posture and movement, providing long-lasting results. It empowers YOU to maintain your own health.

Aware. Retrain. Rest.

meditate on beautiful sunrise over water

What happens in Clinical Somatic Session?

Our first session is 75 minutes; we'll go over the short intake form that is emailed to you, and discuss any chronic pain, stiffness, posture and daily stress concerns.

The movement is primarily from the floor and is slow and gentle.; we can also accommodate a chair and standing session. You will learn a detailed sequence of simple exercises and be a given a home practice (5-20 minutes) to use 5 days a week. You are retraining your muscle-skeletal system and nervous system; it takes practice. 

Weekly sessions with me support your practice, offering guidance and subtle cueing and deeper awareness of the body-mind connection. In these 60 min sessions, you will learn ways to balance your posture, relieve pain, sleep better, move better. Clinical Somatic exercises will be added on to your home sequence as we build the practice together to suit YOUR needs. Five weekly sessions is optimal. 

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