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Meet Beth

Yoga for women going through change

"Every time I take a class with Beth, I feel better than when I arrived. Her calming, grounding, yet spirited personality make for an incredible experience." ~ Jessy V.

My Story

I was 40 when I stepped into the Yoga Teacher seat.  Newly divorced with two small children in a town that was mostly unchartered, expensive and daunting to me, Yoga became my respite and way back to myself. I never planned for it to be pathway to creating a life i love or sparking the entrepreneur inside me.

I am a Teacher. My passion is helping students tap into their potential by supporting the felt sense - the wise, kind voice of our tissues. My Yoga method attends to the whole person. The intention is to feel more joy, greater vitality and awareness of NOW; to feel strong, capable and balanced. My classes are focussed, always light-hearted and REAL; they attend to the quiet parts. Everybody is welcomed.

​I have been teaching yoga full-time since 2010. I am the founder of Bendy Brewski Yoga (2011), credited as the first #yogaandbeer classes in the country by the NYT. I am creator of Boardroom Yoga(tm) which supports Yoga at work and Dwell Online Studio so everyone can begin and sustain Practice on their own terms.


Connection and happiness is yours to create. Find your people, commit to the work and DREAM DEEP.


:) xo b 

My Vision

Since 2011 I have been creating held-spaces for people to come to Practice and commune. For me, teaching Yoga and building Yoga businesses is to foster fellowship and self-love.

Every service offering- each class and every student- I am wholly engaged and dedicated to being present. I do see you.

Community Yoga classes
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