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Are you ready to live in a body that you've befriended, that moves more freely and in balance? Learn the groundbreaking techniques of pandiculation to retrain muscle memory and relieve pain; receive breath work and Yoga postures to guide you back to your best and most easeful Self. These private sessions are completely tailored to the individual and are offered by appointment only at Be Well Spaces (Fridays only), and onsite in your home or office. 


  • You need no special equipment; wear comfortable clothing-you will be on the floor.

  • Sessions are held at your residence, on Zoom, or Friday mornings from 9am - 12:30 at Be Well Spaces, North Charleston, SC.

  • At time of booking you'll receive directions, detailed policies and waiver forms. 

"Clinical Somatic Education is so effective because it is far more than a method of movement that someone made up—it’s an extension of our innate neuromuscular functioning."

Free Consult-15 min

Schedule a complimentary discovery call with Beth to ask questions and set up your first appointment.

Book you Zoom call here.


Private Zoom Session- 50 min

Online sessions are effective and resonant. I can work with you from wherever you are! Sessions are tailored to fit your needs. Clinical Somatic Exercises for pain relief and nervous system reset; Hatha Yoga sequencing to complement the session with breathwork and stretching.

$80 Zoom Session


Initial Session, in Studio or Onsite-75 min

We will go over the intake form, discuss client expectations, home practice, learn pandiculation exercises. Schedule a Friday at Be Well Spaces; contact Beth to schedule at your home.

$145 BWS

$165 I come to you


Single Session in Studio or Onsite

After the initial session, you may book single sessions to further practice, get feedback, learn new exercises and continue progress. Schedule a Friday at Be Well Spaces; contact Beth to schedule at your home.

$135 BWS 

$150 I come to you


Studio Sessions only, 5 series

It is highly recommended to schedule weekly sessions, for a minimum of 5 weeks (that is why I have discounted them); learn the essential exercises, track your progress and build a sustainable habit. These sessions are so impactful! Schedule your sessions at Be Well Spaces.

$640/ 5 sessions at BWS within 7 weeks

Curious about group practices at your workplace or for your wellness or business retreats? Want an online session so your entire network can join? I've got you covered! 

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