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Costa Rica Yoga Retreat, Playa Grande & Potrero, March 2022

Yoga Retreat Travel Blog #4

Wow! There's just so much to say and to share about our incredible 2022 retreat to Costa Rica. We enjoyed 6 full days in beautiful and quiet Playa Grande with personal-cheffed meals, beach walks and ocean dips, 2 excursion adventures, a deep yoga practice in the early mornings on the deck poolside and a circle-share with short restorative movement in the evenings.

The guests- singles and couples, men and women, practised yogis and newbies, made the experience SO fun and so easy-going. I am truly blessed!

Go Slow

When you are feeling overworked, over-amped, disconnected from your community and from your Higher Self, go slow. My intention for this retreat was to offer practices, like Hot Yoga 26 & Yin, community circle, slow-prepared foods, consistent times for movement, play, siesta and nourishment, to remember the joy of slower pace and to restore our natural rhythm of BE-ing. ~Beth


Our Home

We stayed in an Airbnb that was managed by Krain Real Estate Co. (and they were extremely helpful!) After months of looking, conversing back and forth, perusing every review and leaning on an expat friend in the area, I finally decided on this newly remodeled home with 5 bedrooms- 7 beds, 3 full bathrooms, large kitchen and living area, pool and covered deck- located in Playa Grande.

It was perfect- spacious enough for 10 adults to comfortably sleep, chill, party and enjoy for a week, with gorgeous furnishings and lighting and close to the beach and a few dining options and bars down the road. It was also very close to the National Park, which afforded us a more natural and authentic feel. The pool was amazing and lent itself as respite from the heat of the day and winding down in the evenings. It was awesome!

Would I return to this area and home? YES! However, I must say that the neighborhood, which was once a wooded area on a hilltop, is being completely developed with many homes and even an apt/condo situation across the street. It won't be the same soon. I feel blessed that we could enjoy its serenity in 2022.

Food & Drink

I am meticulous about most things when it comes to planning Yoga Retreats. If you read my 1st Yoga Retreat Blog Welcome, you know my corporate event planning experience. If you missed it, go check it out.

Coming from a foodie background (master cooks and professional chefs in my family and personal history) and living in world-renowned foodie town, Charleston, SC, I have very high expectations of the quality, preparation and presentation of the food included in my retreat offerings. It has to have wow factor, be close to the local area / culture and kind to the planet. It must be pretty!

For this retreat I hired personal chef and owner of The Junction Kimana Littleflower, to shop and prepare most of our meals. It was outstanding and one of the most valued parts of the experience by guests.

Excursions & Wanderings

A comfortable and gorgeous home; delicious and nourishing meals; cocktail hours and wine tastings; great Yoga; and always an expert led excursion/adventure! It's important to me to include at least one outing in every Beth Cosi Yoga Retreat. It helps bond us as a group, gets you out of your comfort zone, teaches you something, brings you into the community we are visiting and it's FUN!

For this 6-day trip, we enjoyed 2 adventures:

~Kayaking the Estuary and hike tour- Bonding experience, beautiful tour..but the weather was not optimal. It was so windy! And, our guide, Luis Ernesto was kind of a jerk. :/ I hired him from airbnb excursions list; would not recommend. However- the trip made us all "ride or die" friends for life!!

~Catamaran Sunset Cruise and Snorkel Excellent experience! Great drinks, awesome food, friendly people, fun music, gorgeous sunset, SO much fun!

Every evening we went to the beach at sunset to join the Ticos in ritual celebration of the sun descending into the ocean. It is really incredibly beautiful, even after its descent. The sky turns so many amazing colors. It is one of my most favorite memories- the beauty and quiet, the communal feel, the laughter and sense of connectedness. Extraordinary!

There were also opportunities for night markets, beach walking and sunbathing, swimming, surf lesson, taco stands, exploring different areas and just enjoying the neighborhood and local scene. (A car is needed in this area if you want to explore further than Playa Grande. There is access to many boat taxis that run daily across the River access to the larger louder town of Tamarindo. Our home was about a 35 minute beach walk to the launch).

I can't wait to adventure in Costa Rica again soon! I have my sights on the Arenal area in 2023


My guests say it best:

"This is my first Yoga retreat and it was a perfect mix of yoga, excursions & vacay-like activity, great food, wonderful company- hanging around talking, enjoying quiet time and RELAXATION. Go Slow-- I will take that home with me. 💙💙💙" Maria F.

PURA VIDA!! beth xo

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