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Tis the Season to Make a Plan. Hint: Give Grace

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Are you hoping for / planning for / imagining a more healthy and balanced 2022? Here's what NOT to do and how to approach new habits with grace.


About this time every year i notice the ugly face of EXPECTATION begin to peek around every corner of my thoughts and pushing into my plans for the new year. My to-do lists and purchases begin to heavy with the weight of my New Year's forecast: Eat more veggies and less meat; move my body more; be more organised; meditate longer; drink less often; save more money; give more, be more, do less... aaaarrrggghh!!!

It doesn't even make sense and it's kinda crazy. Can you relate?

If your answer is "Yes! I can relate!" then take a sit (and a good breath) and let's stop the madness and all the impending doom of future regrets and self-loathing that, for most, is the result of New Year -New Me resolutions!

Instead, we'll break it down and make the commitment to practicing a different way of setting expectations -a PLAN, that feels Whole Self nourishing because it's main course is GRACE.

The first thing to do, is Honor 2021. Here's a suggestion:

Reflect on the accomplishments and experiences of your personal 2021.

  • What stands out as your top 2-3 "events," whether they be joyful experience or learning opportunity. Why did you pick these? What did you gain?

  • Who supported you most? Who challenged you most? And what did you learn?

  • Give GRATITUDE for 2021- another 365 days of breath, change, possibility.


The second thing to do, is to Make a Plan. Try this:

first, Decide how you want 2022 to feel. (The more personal and precise the better!)

  • Begin with your body. How do you want to feel in your body / about your body?

  • Next, how do you want to feel in your mind / your intellectual self? What does your work and professional relationships feel like? How do you want to communicate in 2022?

  • How does your heart, your Hara, your soul-self feel in this next year? Tip- think back to a time when you felt the most at peace, the most loved, the most connected to your authentic being. Be clear and use "present" language.

then, Choose 3 steps / 3 new habits / 3 ways of being that will support how you want to feel in your body, mind, heart. (see your answers from above!)

  • What type of Movement will support and reflect your answers?? You must ENJOY it (encourages affirmation) and it must be GOOD to your body as it is showing up right now.

  • What ways can you show up for yourself and others more in your professional life / your community? What feels authentic and honest? What will you add and remove, what words and ACTS will you share?

  • What mantras, affirmations and journaling exercises will you practice daily? How will you affirm your heart's desires and acknowledge your worthiness?

Finally put it into Practice. Build a course of habit that is realistic and feels joyful!

  • It must be a DAILY Regimen-actions and language you do everyday

  • Mix it Up! Be consistent but also non-rigid.

  • Be specific and concise.

  • Keep it simple and engaging.


The Longevity of Feeling Good

Here are my tips and tricks to build and sustain your daily Practice, which will create new patterns and good habits that will have you accomplishing your goals and keeping your promises!

  1. WRITE IT DOWN. Dedicate a notebook or journal to your plan, but more importantly, write it somewhere you will SEE it every day >>> a Calendar, post-it notes on the frig, tea kettle, car dashboard, or in your phone!

  2. SPEAK IT. Share your plan with someone you trust and admire. Only positive vibes allowed! Maybe they'll want to join you and become an accountability buddy!

  3. AM RITUAL. Before you rush into your day, pause and consider how you will show up today- for yourself and for others. Know how you will implement this intention. Sometimes, it's just setting aside time to breathe and notice and smiling often. A smile is a a game-changer for everyone!

  4. PM RITUAL. While you're brushing your teeth or in bed before you drift to

sleep, reflect on your day. Give Gratitude and Grace!

TIP- Take it slow and don't expect change to come quickly or easily. This is a whole body way of BEING. Allow space. Doing a little everyday can be enough. Let your Plan shift and grow as needed. Be playful, have fun with it and be sure to REST.

xo beth

PS- Let me know how you're doing! I'm here to cheer and support you! Join my FREE Webinar and I'll answer questions and share my experience!

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