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Beth Cosi

is the Mother of two almost-adults, an entrepreneur and a business owner. She's been teaching yoga full-time for more than a decade and has built two thriving yoga companies, Bendy Brewski Yoga and Tapas Yoga. She is a Lululemon Legacy Ambassador and has been noted in many publications, including The New York Times, Women's Health, and Charleston Magazine. Raised in Memphis, living in Charleston.


What Students Say

"Finally getting to do class today! I am enjoying these classes so much and feeling so much stronger. Dwell Membership is the best gift I've ever given myself!"


Join Beth Cosi; here's how she can help. 


LEARN FROM a dedicated and experienced teacher.

CREATE & DEVELOP a sustainable, lifelong Yoga Practice from anywhere.

STAY INSPIRED with a Practice that supports the WHOLE you.

KNOW MORE about your Practice, your Body, your Self. 

FEEL SEEN within our vibrant Community - it's why you'll stay.

Yoga Pose

Yoga Online Studio

The Difference is Dwell

Get strong; find ease; stretch it out. 


Join our vibrant community and build a sustainable, lifelong practice you will love, from anywhere!

Yoga Retreats with Beth

Yoga Retreats

Celebrate Life and all it has to offer!


Beth is thrilled to curate 5 yoga travel experiences a year. Choose from Mountains, Subtropics, Historic Village or European Villa!


Beginner Course

Learn to Yoga in 5 weeks and gain the strength and confidence for life.


Beth is building a Beginners Yoga Course that is concise, experiential and FUN! More details coming!


Short Dwell Yoga Lessons with Beth

Restorative Stretch-legs, feet, and low back

Cross-lateral-rising energy and focus


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