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What if there is Nothing Wrong and No Problem to Solve?

Come sit in your WISE Self and feel LOVE- - the love that is inside you all the time and is present to guide you and affirm your perfection. Love is our birthright and power!

I can help you tap into this source in 3 simple steps. Practice daily and see what comes up for you! (scroll to the section below the photos to get right to it, but come back to my California story below! :)


Hi friend,

I just returned from a magical and powerful (magic is always powerful isn't it?!) Tensegrity Medicine Retreat Training in California with founder, my teacher, Kelly Clancy.

I went expecting lessons and practices in aleving people's pain and understanding more detailed anatomy and facial systems. But what happened was SO much more deep and meaningful. It was four days of sharing histories and witnessing vulnerability, of healing through ancient knowing inside our systems and remembering that our body is a conduit of all our past our present and even our future. And mostly, that it is WISE and WHOLE.

We were a tribe of 10 that circled, shared and moved. We meditated, danced, resonated in sound and nurtured in "puppy piles." We practiced technique and assessment.

Every story and experience is not mine to share here; but, I will tell you this:

I'm not the same as i was before, and I am my Self, as i have always been, for centuries.

Your Body Knows All the Answers: Learn to Listen.

Tap In by noticing and becoming the observer.

  • Who is showing up?

Head Heart Hara Meditation

"Bring awareness to the head. What do you notice? Physical sensation, thoughts, sounds, voice. Breathe into the awareness of your head/your thinking mind. Don't try to change it. Relax your throat, behind the here.

Now bring awareness down to your heart. From the back of the heart to the spine, notice its dark quiet spaciousness- its quality. Breathe into this space of the heart, your feeling tones, the held peace of your heart space. Call it SELF-SPACE. Be here.

Now down further to the Hara, the Dantien- at your belly, below the navel and above the tailbone. Notice its groundness, its wisdom and depth. Breathe deeply here feeling the rise and expansion of this area and your knowing, your connection to Self, your safety. Be here."

Your head, heart and hara awareness practice brings you back into your inner home, your calm abiding and your great knowing. It is always present and here to support you, no matter the circumstances or conditions.

Your Body is Whole and Wise

Honor your Self with kindness and grace.

  • What is your Body speaking to you and are you practicing self love?

Your Body is a Barometer and Great Teacher

Your body is constantly trying to find balance. A slanted shoulder, a tight hip, pain, numbness...all messaging from a body- a whole being- that is working hard to support you, protect you, and keep you upright and balanced. The experiences and the stories of our lives directly influence the environments of our body. Who are your "Protectors?" Do they serve you still?

Practice saying positive things to yourself. Celebrate the uniqueness of you. Remember, "I am perfect and whole and I love every part of myself; every part."

Your Body Requires Spaciousness

Live with no expectations of Self- put down the agenda.

  • What would it feel like to be the best You, you can be?

Living in spaciousness, means living your best life, being your authentic Self

What expectations do you carry? For me, they are weight of being loved, worthiness, enough-ness, right to be here. Expectations crowd our life-force and natural abilities to love and be loved; weaken our knowing and keep us in survival mode or detachment. That's no way to live!

You need space to be the best, wisest __(your name)____ you can be!

  1. How do we practice? With mindful nurturing movement that feels like giving LOVE to your body.

  2. By listening with presence, "I see you" and anchoring into that present moment.

  3. And by floating in uncertainty. It's natural to equate safety with certainty--let it go. The truth is, you aren't in control and its none of your business.

TIP- Believe that the Universe is benevolent; Joy, flexibility and play are yours. Live in the POSSIBILITIES of uncertainty.

xo beth

PS- Let me know how you're doing! I'm here to cheer and support you! And don't forget, for a limited time -- join Dwell Yoga for just $22 the first month with code 1LOVE at checkout! I want you try it because I am positive of its benefit to you. :)

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