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Dwell. Your Online Classroom & Community

Since March 2020, Dwell has offered consistent online classes designed for busy adults in the real world. Lessons are clearly presented, thoughtful and fun- you'll feel in the room! Getting to the mat doesn't need to be hard; grab your favorite device and practice wherever, whenever. 

Two Ways to Join Dwell

1. Full Access Member: You get every weekly Livestream class with Beth & our amazing Dwell Community.; the entire library of recorded lessons; plus, discounts on specialty classes & courses offered throughout the year.

2. Zoom Classroom Member: You get every weekly Livestream class with Beth & our amazing Dwell Community.


"I love Dwell. It is both convenient and full of community, something that often lacks with online classes. Beth is an amazing teacher. I love how down to earth and funny she is, yet I learn something new, either about yoga or myself, every single class."

"I love how easy and accessible it is to incorporate "live" practices into my super busy life. I still have the accountability of doing it with friends and join early to get that community vibe and chat."

"I have really enjoyed being able to practice when I can. Also, I have been starting to try to some classes I might not jump in to if they were "live" or in person. I love being able to see and hear the voices of some great people that I cannot see in person nearly as much as I would like."

Join Weekly Zoom Classes w/ Beth!

  • SOMATIC MOVEMENT & GENTLE HATHA: Sundays at 9:15-10am est;

  • YIN to YANG HATHA FLOW: Wednesdays at 6:15-7:00pm est 

Puppy Pose and dog pose yoga with your pet

Weekly Live Classes

  • Join your teacher & your classmates live in our zoom studio every week.

  • Yin; Balance & Strength; Stretch & Rest; Somatic Yoga classes weekly

  • Varying times of classes to fit your schedule and support you getting to class.

  • Engaging content that is easy to access and never feels overwhelming.

Flexibility & Freedom

  • Library of recorded classes to revisit favorites and practice anytime, anywhere.

  • Download the mobile app & take the practice with you.

  • Yoga shorts for bite-sized practices when you're on the go!

  • A personalized, easy-to-navigate yoga hub.

  • It's like the Netflix of yoga! 

The Whole Shebang

  • Meditation audios and content for beginners! 

  • Learn by audio, video, transcription, and captions- everyone learns differently.

  • Connect with other students, meet new friends and see long-distant family & friends in our live zoom classes; our community is the very best! 

It's Time to Reimagine Your Practice

 Yoga shouldn't be stressful or feel impossible to schedule. 

You can have a fulfilling, balanced practice that is sustainable and engaging all from the comfort of your home, office or favorite outdoor space.

And with a dedicated teacher and easy to use platform, you'll make progress quickly and get the results you're after. Join Dwell today!

Follow Beth on a tour and insiders look at the Dwell Online Studio experience! 

Sitting Meditation
  • Join Beth LIVE on Zoom 2 days a week

  • Practice with our library of recorded classes

  • Enjoy various styles of Yoga to support changing needs, seasons and goals

  • "Be a Beginner" shorter lessons and tutorials

  • Bonuses! Meditations and Breathwork

  • Netflix experience - never overwhelming

  • Tutorials on props for support and advantage 

  • Relate to your anatomy / recognize patterns to heal and grow

  • Engage in our amazing community.

You Can Build a Confident, Sustainable Practice and Live Your Yoga Everyday!

Online Yoga Lessons with Beth Cosi

All-Access, Everyday

Full Member Access
Live-Streaming Access only

Convenient auto-draft; cancel anytime

Forward Folds bring peace and calm to your body and mind

Dwell for Business

Your employees deserve tools to help them stay healthy, maintain routine & gear up to be their best.

Life is feeling more stressful and less certain and that can take a toll on body and mind. It can affect productivity and overall work culture. There are positive ways to manage how we react to upset and learn to cope with change. Let me show you how.

Dwell is a resource for ALL your employees, whether they are in the field, in the office, or working from home. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in personal, supportive and engaging instruction. Live or recorded, students feel seen.

This NEW and unique platform creates a tailored experience for every user, wherever they are in their movement practice and wherever they are located. 


  • Join Dwell as a Business Partner and your employees receive 15% off their monthly Dwell Membership for life (employee paid).

  • Join Dwell as a Business Client and extend wellness to all your employees, locked in for the minimum cost based on enrollments (employer funded).

  • Boardroom Yoga (TM) is In-Person Stress Management at work-- join the waitlist.

3 Ways to Invest in Your Employees

Corp Opportunities
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